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Java 9: Key features

Java 9 was released on 2017 but in 2019 was still a really hot topic. As I’m coming back to the java world in 2022 I need to keep useful links, examples and general resources to reduce my technical debt. Java 8 released 3 big projects: Date API Lambda Expressions Stream API Java 9, in the same way, released 3 big projects: Milling Project Coin Project Jigsaw Java Shell (jshell) There was an additional and really important feature in Java 9 that includes Reactive Streams in the Java standard world but that would be a different article (example here).

Personal Git Cheat Sheet

Git commandsFor sure there are a lot of additional git commands, weird configurations or more robust cheat sheets everywhere but this one works for me. These are the commands I’ve required on a daily basis, organized, with natural descriptions and easy to understand for future reference. Git Basics Type Description Command Basic Start a git repository $ git init Basic Includes a file in stage $ git add <FILE> Basic Inclides files in state to git base $ git commit -m <MESSAGE> Basic Clone a repository $ git clone https://github.

Differences between AMQP and JMS

In the site Understanding the differences between JMS & AMQP, Mark Richards explains in detail what AMQP is and how it is different from JMS. In a few words: AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) is the de facto standard for those outside of JVM ecosystem (those who can’t use JMS) with more ways to interact between publishers and subscribers and with the additional infrastructure required to decouple the integration between them.

Build your blog with GitHub Pages for FREE

I tried multiple times to create a blog and publish things constantly but I failed each time. I usually started with a lot of enthusiasm but the tools used to create and publish content, always were boring and tedious for me to don’t say complex. I tried WordPress because everyone says it’s the best CMS but It’s overwhelming the number of pluggings, configurations, deployment, and so on, it’s overkill for a simple blog like this one.